A cultural project celebrating creativity and beauty: a cross-disciplinary experience with a view to exchange and sharing

Is fruitful contamination, cross-cutting thinking between art, architecture and design possible? The three disciplines have their roots in figurative culture. The artistic ferments and innovations of industrial design come together to give life to the forms of our contemporary: in architecture, in sculpture, in mass production, in every manifestation of the visual arts. Modulnova believes in this contamination and, for the first edition of the project, MAP - Modulnova Art Project, has chosen to explore the universe of art photography, an expressive form capable of interpreting contemporaneity through the gaze (and the lens) of those who manage to capture and crystallise in time an image, a place, an emotion.

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Shots between dream and poetry

The protagonist of MAP 2023, Patrizia Mussa, photographer and anthropologist from Turin, involved in the project by Claudio Composti (in collaboration with Paola Sosio / Contemporary Art Gallery and with the coordination of the artistic project by Serena Cassissa) with PhotoPastel, on show at the Modulnova flagship store in Corso Garibaldi 99 in Milan (until 31 January 2024, Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.). A series of shots dedicated to important Italian buildings, from theatres to aristocratic palaces to Baroque churches, whose architecture, revisited with the intervention of hand-colouring, is transformed into imaginary places, suspended in time, in which dream and poetry coexist.

Mental images

"The PhotoPastel series on show at MAP - Modulnova Art Project," explains Claudio Composti, "emancipates itself from the simple photographic nature of the initial shot, thanks to the hand-painted intervention with which Patrizia rereads reality and transforms it into a mental image. Those places become her idealised projection of the architectures that have marked Italian history and represent its craftsmanship and aesthetic tradition."

Companies the new patrons of the Third Millennium

Art excites, inspires, stimulates reflection. Design captures a need, develops an idea and transforms it into function. All the more so today, in a historical and cultural moment that thrives on contamination, art and design interpenetrate, feeding off each other in a continuous evolution, and companies become the patrons of the Third Millennium, consolidating their role as amplifiers of culture and beauty. MAP - Modulnova Art Project becomes a field of experimentation and encounter, research of new perspectives and transmission of values.

Photography as a reminder

Places of timeless beauty that tell of a magnificent past, but also of craftsmanship and human genius, between imagination and reality. "I use photography to observe, to reflect, to unveil," says Patrizia Mussa, "photography is at bottom a kind of reminder, of notes, of thoughts, of reflections of one's own time that can be re-read in deferred ways and times. In the chaos of life, I find a tormented peace in the solitude of places, of unfrequented landscapes. The images I collect bear witness to that suspension, through these images I express the desire for a silent longing for proximity."

After the Milan stop, the exhibition will be taken on tour to the most important Modulnova flagship stores in Italy and abroad.