Between scientific rigor and artistic creativity, Mauro Martino uses the data collected in more than three years of research to stage the evolution of aesthetics and the NFT market at the Meet

The world of NFTs shown - or rather, materialized - in an immersive and exploratory site specific installation.

Conceived by artist, designer and researcher Mauro Martino, Mapping the NFT Revolution from 6 to 29 September 2022 will inhabit the spaces of the Meet Digital Culture Center, the first international center for digital art and culture born in Milan with the support of Fondazione Cariplo.

The most extensive exploration conducted to date on the world of NFT

Artist and scientist, expert in artificial intelligence and data visualization, Martino uses the analysis tools of deep-learning to investigate the entire production of NFT. Using the data collected in more than three years of research , which led to several scientific publications, he stages at the Meet five years of evolution of the aesthetics and the NFT market.

With 10 million NFTs, tens of millions of trades in the market analyzed, hundreds of blockchains examined, Mapping the NFT Revolution is the most extensive exploration conducted to date on this world.

An exciting data-film, between quantitative and qualitative dimension

We invited Mauro Martino who collected data and analyzed and processed them since the time when the first NFTs were born. A year ago he published the first report on NFTs (on how museums, galleries use them, the implications they have on relationships, on the cultural and economic world) and is preparing a second one of international level. New layouts and data visualization techniques were created specifically for this installation explains Maria Grazia Mattei, founder and president by Meet.

The author engages in an immersive experience capable of revealing both the quantitative and analytical aspect of the data collected, and their qualitative and poetic dimension. The end result is an exciting data-film, made only with data and models of artificial intelligence e. A world that is completely other than in crisis that of NFTs, an interconnected and nuanced world: for the first time we will realize the true extent of this phenomenon by entering the ' immersive work by Martino.

You have never seen an NFT world like this, effervescent… lively and constantly evolving! adds Mattei. A world that produces and will produce important changes in the cultural and economic world”.

A map made up of connections of millions of recombined NFT images

Mauro Martino's mapping of this new NFT world is revealed through the visualization of the relationships and connections of millions of NFT images that are recombined to form a whole thanks to the processing power of intelligence algorithms artificial: an operation that was previously impossible due to the need to coherently interpret such a large mass of information.

Sliding doors

The algorithm allows a different, deeper, and paradoxically more nuanced, variable vision of reality. And this is possible because the AIs work very well on predictive aspects, on randomness, calculating all the possible combinations that reality can assume by giving them to us in a coherent overall picture: a colossal machine of sliding doors that open or close on countless variations of the reality.

With this important installation we want to highlight the vitality of a new cultural and economic model that is changing the world of art and beyond explains Maria Grazia Mattei.

A great overview

With Mapping the NFT Revolution, Mauro Martino introduces a great overview, halfway between scientific rigor and artistic creativity .

The digital landscape , unlike the natural one, is itself a mathematical representation, an abstraction, and creates a new reality that we can define as virtual. The final result is a data-film, a new, exciting aesthetic form, a hybrid result of data and artificial intelligence models, a territory in which we are entering for the first time, a true New World of our Millennium.