The Italian company has selected six winners in its contest, with evenings for the world of design organized in Stuttgart and Vienna. The protagonists of the two encounters were the new stoneware products Made in Italy by Marazzi: Treverkchic, Block, Blend and the technical SistemN. The winners in Stuttgart: 1. Negele Claudia  2. Neugehauer & Roesch – Robert Roesch  3. Porsche AG – Sascha Knoll. Those in Vienna: 1. Fa. Projekbau – Kontaratos Stefanos  2. Claudia Kutschera 3. Arch. Dipl. Ing. Nikolaus Holstein – Dipachler Bernadette. The two events involved over 350 professionals, who put their creativity into making compositions with miniatures of the “4 volte curva Triennale” tiles designed by Ponti and Rosselli for Marazzi in 1960.