One hundred photographs by Emanuele Scorcelletti, exhibited in the ‘Elegia Fantastica’ exhibition in Jesi, tell the artist's deep bond with the Marche, his homeland

An evocative tale of the Marche and at the same time an introspective journey by the author of the shots. Fantastic Elegy. Le Marche between memory and vision is the traveling photographic exhibition by Emanuele Scorcelletti, scheduled from 30 April 2022 to 4 September 2022 at Palazzo Pianetti, seat of the Civic Museums of Jesi, which includes 100 photographs divided into two sections, Memories and Visions.

The return to the roots defines a new artistic language

From the Marches of origin, but lived since childhood between Luxembourg and France, Emanuele Scorcelletti returns to the emotions and feelings that permeate and spring from the original territories of his childhood, from his roots. The author thus defines a new artistic language in his photographic career, known mainly for images dedicated to characters from cinema and fashion.

An elegy, between memories and visions

A lyrical narration of an introspective journey to places of the past, retraced for months through woods, beaches, small villages and emotionally found in homes, together with the people who live there: the portrait of a land through the personal gaze of the photographer and his memory. Places like memories are collected in a poem, an elegy, which combines two sections: Memories and Visions. The first is pictorial and evocative, the second is almost sublimated.

An evanescent journey into a nostalgic timelessness

Emanuele Scorcelletti's gaze, known for capturing the human side of movie and fashion stars, has evolved in this new work”explains Cyril Drouhet, curator of the exhibition and director of photography of Le Figaro Magazine. As in an evanescent journey, in a nostalgic timelessness, ghostly and light shapes evolve in cities crystallized over the years, in sacred places preserved by a millenary faith, in a rural world spared from the frenzy of modernism . Moving images that reveal a dreamlike work as a ode to Eternal Italy, like a poem whispered to the wounds of life in which floats a certain scent of innocence”.

Free images from the schemes keep intact the emotion of the moment

Formed by the teachings of the great masters Henri Cartier-Bresson and Mario Giacomelli, who led him in the search for rigor and geometric perfection, Scorcelletti arrives at a new photographic expression that frees from the schemes, it leaves room for poetry, through lights, shadows, nature and landscape, to compose almost abstract images which, without any kind of subsequent intervention, keep intact the emotion of the moment.

An emotional abecedary, a reservoir of memories and abstractions

Emanuele Scorcelletti presents his emotional background, made up of landscapes and stories and real people that unfold, with sinuous harmony, on landscapes and stories and people, this time dreaming” explains the photo critic and artistic director Denis Curti. Order within chaos. Coming and going of mixed feelings. Reversals and narratives . Inverted words to fill a reservoir of memories and abstractions”.

Enhancing the cultural landscape and the Marche region

The Elegia Fantastica project, which contributes to the enhancement of the cultural landscape and the Marche region, is supported by the Municipality of Jesi, the Marche Region and Fedrigoni and includes several European stages thanks to the support of Leica.