The 57th edition of the International Exhibition of Marble and Natural Stone is scheduled at Veronafiere from 26 to 29 September

A fair, any fair, does not only welcome products and goods, it welcomes people. There is no algorithm that can replace the relationship that is created between people. Any trade fair is not just an exhibition opportunity, but a real moment of aggregation, a community where events, meetings, encounters can take place. This is why, at the organisational level, we need people who have made courage, culture, internationalisation and innovation their professional philosophy. Among Italian trade fairs at international level, Marmomac represents this: project culture, the latest market trends, a high-profile and competent audience from all over the world (customers, partners, distributors, contractors, architects and interior designers), professional training, appointments, workshops and talks.

Now in its 57th edition, Marmomac confirms itself as the main international hub for industry players: a platform where business and training meet, becoming a privileged place for business and innovation. In 2022 the show saw over 1200 exhibiting companies and registered 47 thousand professional operators, 63% of whom from abroad, from 132 nations.

Business and product culture

"In addition to its international profile," explains Raul Barbieri, Veronafiere Sales Director, "one of the reasons for the success of Marmomac is the decision to combine business with product culture, recognised as a universal added value for all Made in Italy production. This is why Veronafiere, organiser of the event, has decided to focus on this competitive advantage, unique and not reproducible, even in the marble system. Marmomac, for the 2023 edition, will further increase the segment linked to design solutions, connected to the world of furnishing, including and especially luxury and contract".

Dialogue between design and art

The cradle of this year's experimentation will be in Hall 10, where design, architecture and stone culture will meet business through exhibitions and a rich programme of events, workshops and talks in the Forum area. The dominant theme will be the relationship between natural stone and machines in a dialogue between design and art. The entire pavilion space will be developed as a square-based district, whose main axes, intersecting, will give life to the installation The Applaud: the idea of the project, curated by Giorgio Canale, is to enhance the process of creating a work of art, celebrating the contribution of the latest generation of machines, the most modern technologies and man to natural stone.

A new expressive language

Raffaello Galiotto will curate Herbarium Mirabile, an exhibition that presents itself as an imaginary herbarium populated by a series of artistic works in marble inspired by the plant kingdom. The author draws inspiration from the fascinating variety of botanical forms to create, through the use of software and numerically controlled machines, a collection of fantastic sculptures of refined elegance and high precision. The aim is to explore the potential of new digital tools in the advanced processing of natural stone and to develop this new expressive language.

Universities and research centres

Academic training is entrusted to Giuseppe Fallacara who for the 2023 edition of Marmomac meets Academies will involve Italian and foreign universities and research centres. In architecture, there are no ancient or modern materials, but it is the way the material is used and shaped that makes it correspond to its time. This premise is intended to give meaning to the prototypes, created by the students in collaboration with companies in the sector, which will be put on display under a large 'suspended vault' composed of stone elements. Many themes will be addressed, ranging from the use of thin stone to recomposed or 3D printed stone to structurally optimised stone, for an eco-conscious use of stone material.

Collaborative project

Lithic synergies will be proposed in Material Match Up by the ADI Delegation Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, a collaborative project aimed at the entire stone industry. Among the skills of a designer, whether designing products, interiors, fittings or visual communication, the ability to select and enhance the materials used is important. The idea of classic mood-boards made up of heterogeneous materials evolves into a series of tables organised with natural stone: compositions of materials, colours, surface processing and finishes to showcase the entire exhibition proposal at Marmomac.

Wine Bar, Restaurant, Forum area

Pavilion 10 will also host a Wine Bar, which in its function as a place to meet and relax will also become a stone architecture project. Interpreted and designed by the Brand&Stone team under the guidance of Danilo Di Michele, the Wine Bar represents the desire to make the design experience and the experimental activity of the companies dynamic and alive, also for the adjacent relaxation area created in conjunction with an international design brand. The space will then be completed with a restaurant and the Forum area, designed to host the rich programme of events, talks, conferences and award ceremonies.

A matter of stone

Acting as a counterbalance to pavilion 10, in a diametrically opposite position, is pavilion 1, which this year will be transformed into A matter of stone, curated in concept by Elle Decor with a layout by studio Calvi Brambilla. A real commercial pavilion where companies will exhibit projects and design products, creating a creative space where architects, interior designers and professionals called upon to decide on the use of materials in construction and furnishing can find inspiration and applications that show the great potential of the stone sector.

Awards and prizes

Finally, the traditional appointments for companies and the public are back, including the Best Communicator Award dedicated to the stands that will stand out for the most incisive and original exhibition language. New this year is the involvement of students from the Exhibit Design, Publishing and Digital Graphic Design course of the IUSVE (Salesian University Institute of Venice) invited to analyse the proposals and decree their personal winner who will receive a special mention.

Photos: Ennevi Foto/Veronafiere