Among the cultural events of the next edition of the Verona fair, Marmomac Meets Academies will involve a series of Italian and international universities in research on the innovative use of stone in architecture and design

On stage in Verona from 26 to 29 September, the next edition of Marmomac will be able to count on a rich and diversified schedule of exhibitions hosted in Pavilion 10, which will take on the connotations of a real "cradle of experimentation". Part of this multifaceted cultural offer will be the exhibition "Marmomac Meets Academies 2023. Advanced Research and Lithic Experimentation", which will be able to count on the curatorship of Giuseppe Fallacara with the contribution of Alessandro Angione, Ilaria Cavaliere and Dario Costantino and the technical support of Katia Gasparini.

Innovative research and experimentation

These are the words with which the architect Fallacara describes the event: “I curated this year's edition of Marmomac Meets Academies involving numerous universities and research centers from Italy and abroad, in order to exhibit innovative research and experimentation regarding use of stone in architecture and design. The physical prototypes, as real scientific demonstrators, are the real protagonists of the exhibition which, with their concreteness and plastic evidence, are able to describe the research work contained in them."

A great time suspended

“The square-shaped exhibition space here at Marmomac”, continues Fallacara, “is made up of a large 'suspended vault', made up of stone elements, below which the various prototype solutions of the universities involved 'orbit'. In particular, the suspended elements represent the stars of the firmament (in Greek 'stereoma', hence the coding of the name 'stereotomy') and were made in Murgian coral breccia from Castel del Monte, not natural but reconstructed according to an innovative recipe deriving from specific research on the theme of recomposed stone starting from waste”.

Journey around the stone

“Many topics are addressed here at Marmomac”, continues Fallacara, “ranging from the use of thin stone to reconstituted stone, 3D printed stone, to structurally optimized stone: all research aimed at the eco-conscious use of the precious lithic material . Under the suspended vault, in the center of the exhibition space, is the Stereotomic Tripod. It is a prototype designed to be built using different construction techniques (3D printing, subtractive manufacturing, interweaving of glass and carbon fibers).”

The many possibilities of working with stone

“The other artifacts are distributed around this central 'nucleus': innovative seats, tables, models and other prototypes that show the possibilities offered by innovative stone working processes. The universities, in close collaboration with the companies in the stone and transformation sector, were called upon to dialogue in a close and synergistic way and to jointly present the outcome of the experimental research in a series of conferences organized during the days of the fair", concludes the curator.

Universities: Italian and international

Among the numerous Italian and international universities involved for the occasion and present at Marmomac, there are: Politecnico di Bari, IID - Istituto Italiano di Design, TU Dortmund University, Accademia di Belle Arti Statale di Verona, Sapienza Università di Roma e Università di Porto, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) School of Architecture, Università di Auckland.