The event confirms its status as the world's leading trade fair for the stone industry

With the 2022 edition only a few months away, international memberships stand out. After the restart edition in 2021, Marmomac, the event dedicated to natural stone, granite, technologies, tools, applied design and services, is hard at work organising the fifty-sixth edition scheduled 27-30 September 2022.

Adhesions from all over the world

Asia starts again with accessions from India, South Korea and Japan, North America with the United States, excellent signals also from Brazil, and geographically approaching from Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt. Europe is coming back together. Also on the starting blocks is visitor promotion with an Incoming programme through the network of Veronafiere delegates and ICE Agency.

A stone community

Alongside the physical exhibition, digital is also running with Marmomac Plus, the international stone community portal where you can consult the company profiles of the top players in the sector, discover new products, stone market trends and possible applications of natural stone in architecture and design. Over 900 companies from 41 nations have already renewed their subscription.

Exploratory paths

Returning to the event in attendance, as every year the fair is enriched with experimental projects aimed at technology and innovation, and adapts the exhibition space to welcome and guide the visitor along an exploratory path capable of responding as much to the needs of the architect and designer as to those of the technician and distributor.

Design, architecture, art and experimentation

There are four cultural projects that will welcome exhibitors and visitors to the Verona Exhibition Centre, and on the strength of last year's success, the various exhibitions within the district are back. Design, architecture, art and university experimentation, with the involvement of some important furniture brands are the strands on which the concepts of the exhibitions are developed.

Etica-Litica and Brand&Stone

The collaboration with ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for Industrial Design) continues, which through the Veneto and Trentino Altro Adige delegation, is organising Etica-Litica: a challenge to companies to create prototypes with a single slab, including recycled materials, to combine the creativity of industrial design with the issues of sustainability, seriality, ease of transport and location. Brand&Stone curated by DDM is back, investigating and encouraging the use of stone in the collections of major international design brands.

Marmomac meets Academies and Visionary Stone

Dedicated to universities is instead the Marmomac meets Academies review that calls on students to analyse the relationship between stone materials and the landscape both rural and urban: focus 2022 urban furnishing curated by Giuseppe Fallacara and Domenico Potenza. Last but not least, Visionary Stone curated by Raffaello Galiotto, which promotes the development of experimental works of art in stone worked with numerical technology.

Talks and exhibitions

There is also new space for the technical press involved in a schedule of talks, and major international projects thanks to collaboration with Platform magazine present with an exhibition and a delegation of designers. With these and other projects to be unveiled over the coming months, Marmomac therefore makes an appointment with business and experimentation at Veronafiere from 27 to 30 September in the new midweek slot from Tuesday to Friday.

A research tells of the perception of marble among consumers

Beautiful, elegant, durable, luxurious, natural but expensive. These are the words Italians use to describe marble. Natural stone is popular in the living room (50.1%), bathroom (46.3%) and kitchen (42.5%). And among those who do not have it at home, 60% declare an interest in this material and want it for their home. This is the outcome of research commissioned by Marmomac to EMG Different, a research institute in Milan, which interviewed between December 2021 and February 2022 a representative sample of 2 thousand Italians aged 30 and over. The data collected snapshot their behaviour in using marble and their perception of its characteristics. The analysis shows that natural stone is the second most popular material after ceramic and followed by wood/parquet, stoneware, terracotta, cement and laminate. The uses are quite clear: floors (55% of responses), kitchen and bathroom tops (42.4%), stairs (39%) and windowsills (36.2%). A choice that stands out above all in the South and the islands where it is present in 62.4% of homes. To find out more, click here.