Identified by a logo whose essential characters represent the institutional nature of the project while bringing out its content of Italian culture, the Italian Stone Theatre (pavilion 1) will be a major event involving not just stone materials, but also machinery and technology: the creativity of designers will be paired with the professionalism, production capacity and technical expertise of Italian companies and their machinery.

In a unified layout, visitors can see high-level experimentation that reveals the ability of Italian companies to create innovative products designed by prestigious international architects and designers, both through traditional craftsmanship and through the advanced use of machines capable of interacting with sophisticated 3D design programs. The pavilion curated by Raffaello Galiotto and Vincenzo Pavan will be organized in two nuclei with different spatial identities.

The first, on materials, will feature a series of installations developed on a dual theme based on concepts of horizontality (Carpets of Stone) and verticality (Lithic Vertigo), two conditions of the use of stone materials with which designers must constantly come to terms.

The second display nucleus (Digital Lithic Design) has to do with the interaction of machines for the working of stone and design, a crucial passage that opens up new prospects for a sector that has gone through difficulties in terms of market access.

The Spazio Forum will offer a setting for conferences, seminars, master classes, prize ceremonies, presentations of architecture, design and university research.

In collaboration with the ADI delegation of the Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, a signature restaurant will also be installed. In a setting like a marble quarry, it will be possible to sample dishes prepared by prize-winning chefs in an ideal combination of stone (the raw material of architecture) and food (the raw material of cuisine).