The University Masters program of the Milan Polytechnic in Interior Design Retail Management, presented by,the Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic, in collaboration with, the network of companies, agencies and institutions organized by Federazione Nazionale dei Negozi d’Arredamento, has the goal of bringing innovation to distribution in this sector, through high-level specialized training with a strong focus on professional opportunities. Training on how to distribute, in our country and the world, Italian excellence to best advantage, attracting and developing young talents and updating professional figures already operating in this area. The Masters program has the support of the Department of Commerce, Tourism and Services of the Lombardy Region. Two possible professional roles are covered: the Manager of Retail Spaces, for furniture showrooms and stores, and the Manager of Retail Networks, connected with production and distribution structures, to promote and sustain policies and actions connected with the marketing of furnishing products. The Masters is aimed at graduates in any discipline; other education credentials or work experience can be evaluated based on an individual interview. Foreign students can also apply, as long as they understand and speak Italian. A team composed of sector experts and a qualified group of partner companies, under the direction of Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis and the co-direction of Valeria Iannilli, collaborates on the planning of the teaching activities, together with the director of, Laura Molla. The program involves faculty, experts, consultants and contributors from the academic world, the professions, business and large organizations.