The course responds to the need for general knowledge and professional expertise in the programming, design and management of contemporary forms of social housing, based on policies and choices of social integration and cooperation. It offers contextually innovative, specialized training for graduate students in the sectors of Architecture, Design, Economics and Finance, and the Social Sciences. Organized by, the Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic, with the collaboration of the School of Design, the School of Civil Architectureand the Departments INDACO(Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion) and DPA(Architectural Design) of the Milan Polytechnic. The course includes the participation of some of the most important associations in the sector: Fondazione Housing Sociale, Confcooperative Federabitazione, Legacoop AbitantiAssociazione Nazionale Costruttori Ediliand FederLegno Arredo, as well as real estate and financial firms like Generali Immobiliare, Polaris, Prelios, Investire Immobiliare sgrand Torre sgr. The program begins in January 2012