At Palazzo Tagliaferro, in Marina di Andora (SV), the works of Maurizio Barberis interpret the landscape as a place of the spirit

From 16 April to 6 July 2022 the rooms of the Contemporary Culture Center of Palazzo Tagliaferro in Marina di Andora (Savona) host How to intend the (f) Light on the Landscape, an exhibition consisting of 78 works by Maurizio Barberis dedicated to the 'shape of the landscape' intended as a place of the spirit. Curated by Christine Enrile, the staff is sponsored by the Municipality of Andora.

An artistic research between forms, dreams and myths

An architect by training, in recent years Maurizio Barberis has refined his poetic research by dedicating himself to exploring, through photography, painting and the plastic arts, the tangencies between the sensible world - the forms -, world of primary perception - the dream -, world of symbolic affirmations - the myth.

Alchemical thinking

The last episodes of the artistic work of Maurizio Barberis accentuate the relationship with alchemical thought, where alchemy functions as a catalyst of the material of art, is understood as the 'photographic' material, endowed with its own unconscious autonomy, which emerges in the relationship with the author's psyche, and in the temporal dimension, considered as a real 'malleable matter'.

Photography and the art of the moment

This is the case in sculpture and drawing, which find in photography, the art of the instant par excellence, an unlikely diachronic variant to call into question the standardized succession of moments in time.

The landscape becomes a symbol: a place of being

Similarly, in the exhibition rooms of Palazzo Tagliaferro, the alchemical path transfigures the idea of landscape, room after room, through its reduction to a symbol, to imago of a spiritual world underlying a transformation itinerary that frees the most performing instances of the human spirit: an image understood here as a place of being.

The mythological unconscious: from analogue transition to digital hyper-reality

The form/landscape is thus recomposed through large canvases of imagined places, drawings with figures, small terracotta sculptures, which constitute the personal corollary of the mythological unconscious of Maurizio Barberis. Large and medium format photographs that process an analog passage transformed into digital hyper-reality, through a memory no longer experienced as a logical sum of space / time fragments, but as an absolute continuum without borders.