Mercanteinfiera Primavera, now at its 20th edition, will take place at the Parma Fair from 1 to 9 March. The spring edition, as usual, offers visitors new and interesting initiatives, with an important incoming program for collectors from abroad, new stimuli for sector professionals, and much more. There are two outstanding collateral exhibitions on lifestyle and creativity. The first, “Sguardi eccellenti: Famous Eyeglasses” (photo), has been created in collaboration with Federico Mauro, Art Director of Fandango, while the second, “Vanità: luxury through images,” has been done with the contribution of the Art Director of Vogue, Alberto Nodolini. Fiere di Parma continues its path through artistic and cultural synergies, the faces that have made the difference on the scenes of art and collecting, with works that have left a tangible mark on the national and international stage. Info: