The next edition of Mercanteinfiera features two exhibitions: pins, rings, bracelets and sautoirs, to narrate 60 years of Italian style through jewelry, and period apparel, photographs and posters to examine the myth of the sea in the early 1900s.

The two collateral exhibitions round out the wide range of offerings of Mercanteinfiera. The 45,000 square meters of fair space will welcome over 1000 exhibitors. Hundreds of buyers will be on hand (from the United States, France, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Russia and Spain, just to name the main countries of origin).

Costume jewelry is the protagonist of L’Oro Matto e il gioiello-fantasia nella prima metà del Novecento (Pav. 4): the show, in collaboration with the Museo del Bijou of Casalmaggiore, has been curated by Bianca Cappello, jewelry historian and critic, and Letizia Frigerio, director of the museum.

Over 100 pieces in gold plate, metal alloys, plastic materials, glass paste, fake coral, fake rubies, fake diamonds. All fake: the sparkle comes from the precision of the manufacturing and the imagination of the combinations. A weave of styles and techniques balanced between fashion, art and design.

ll mare sorride da lontano: dipinti, incisioni, manifesti e oggetti intorno all’immaginario del mare (Pav. 4) is the second collateral exhibition. Which media have artists used to narrate a the myth of the sea, made of yarns, storms and doldrums, separations and homecomings, and how has that myth been passed on to us? How did the seaside become a vacation spot, changing customs in Italy with a social phenomenon that has permanently shaped our way of life?

An itinerary in episodes created by Paolo Aquilini, Serena Bertolucci, Luca Leoncini, Laura Cattoni and Simone Frangioni of the Museo di Palazzo Reale of Genoa, winding through tour guides, period apparel, photographs and posters.