For the opening of Casa Cavazzini, the new exhibition space in Udine for modern and contemporary art, Moroso presents an exhibition curated by Andrea Bruciati, Patrizia Moroso and Marco Viola. An installation on the theme of metamorphosis and transformation in the wider sense of the term. And on design, art, the “backstage” (to discover the secrets of the creative and design process), craftsmanship at the highest levels, but above all a “promenade in time, a lateral gaze at what has been done and what can still be done: a history of ideas, prototypes, variations, hybrids, contaminations, interpretations of art, errors”, Patrizia Moroso, art director of the company, explains. She is the protagonist, together with her brother Roberto, of the metamorphosis starting in the 1980s that has made Moroso a leader of haute couture of international