Until 20 November at SpazioFMG, the traveling exhibition “Migrant Garden. Untouchable Landscapes” is a non-profit project organized by seven young architects to explore the theme of contemporary living, with the aim of promoting an architectural culture that respects the landscape and the environment.

40 architects and designers were invited to participate in this research, starting from the problems of forced migration of the birds of the Oasi de Pinedo, in the province of Piacenza, using the birdhouse as an architectural metaphor to develop broader reflections on the theme of nomadism, seen in relation to the concept of habitation. The result is a unique exhibition that brings together 40 different interpretations of house and home.

SpazioFMG is the first stop, in Milan, of Migrant Garden, which after the official presentation to the public in Piacenza, has now been enhanced by a new birdhouse designed by Bernard Khoury, a leading Lebanese architect who runs the studio Bernard Khoury / DW5.

Famous for having designed the iconic underground B018 disco and founder of ACA – Arab Centre for Architecture, Bernard Khoury is an outstanding figure on the Lebanese cultural scene. With him, the show is enriched by a critical and contradictory vision of the house, with reference to the contemporary Middle East.

The installation the Migrant Garden at SpazioFMG envisions a path divided into different landscapes: visitors are greeted by a first group of houses arranged on a large reflecting carpet, and then continue through a forest of pedestals, each of which holds a birdhouse, to finally reach a large wall completely covered with birdhouses.