From 21 to 23 October, the ADI Design Museum in Milan hosts the film review "Icons of design at the cinema. Italy 1960-1990" curated by Porzia Bergamasco and Silvia Robertazzi

There are many ways to bring the public of layman closer to the culture of the project. Audiovisual is undoubtedly one of these because it has the (relative) slowness of a traditional medium but also the emotional immediacy of digital ones.

For this reason, the Milano Design Stories: Design icons at the 1960-1990 cinema (cinema) marathon is an appointment to keep in mind (admission is free but to book: on ).

Born from an idea of ​​ Emilio Tremolada, curated by Porzia Bergamasco and Silvia Robertazzi for Hearst Italia, the exhibition - from 21 to 23 October, at the ADI Design Museum - will retrace four decades of the twentieth century analyzing the development of design as a culture of design. Therefore, observing their motivations, researches and aspirations more than simply the aesthetic and formal results.

The weekend is organized as a historical development. It starts with the 60s, with the new design that advances and brings modernity to everyone's homes, to continue with the radical experimentation and the affirmation of Made in Italy in the world of the 70s. It continues with the dreams of the 80s until to reach the new languages ​​that characterized the research of the 90s.

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With dozens of titles, on paper, the marathon proposed by Milano Design Stories sounds like a tour de force but the management of the contents - intelligently divided into short films - allows for a customizable use.

The exhibition will continue at the ADI Design Museum which, as stated by the President Luciano Galimberti "with its cultural proposal, intends to overcome the rigid chronological narration of the works to build, through a dialectical contemporaneity capable of addressing the great issues of today, a conscious and responsible community ".

The event will take place concurrently with IN TOUR, an event conceived by the MuseoCity association, which returns for its second edition from 21 to 23 October 2022: three days of openings and extraordinary activities, even in locations usually closed to the public, to discover the rich Lombard cultural heritage.

The review has received the patronage of the Municipality and the support of the Politecnico di Milano - School of Design and will be itinerant. After Milan it will see its first stages in Rome and Florence.