Reports from Interni's photographers and editors on FuoriSalone 2023: the installations, events and happenings that marked the last Milan Design Week

Celebration, participation, action, awareness, research, learning. These are the terms called into play by over 300,000 visitors to the exhibition Design Re-Evolution, organized by Interni for FuoriSalone 2023. A choral initiative, from 17 to 26 April, where the real star was the audience. Because without an audience our role doesn’t exist, and our biggest source of satisfaction is to see an awareness light up the eyes of visitors, as they take an active part in the process of transformation of contemporary society.

Motion Graphic: Daniele Basilico

Paradigm shift

Forty projects installed by Interni in six locations (Università degli Studi di Milano, Orto Botanico di Brera – Eni Space, Audi House of Progress – Portrait Milano, Eataly Milano Smeraldo, Urban Up | De Castillia 23 and Torre Velasca) interpreted the paradigm shift facing design culture today.

Designers, people, new technologies

The practice of designers is changing, with an increasing focus on protection of the planet and the use of materials that combine aesthetic and ethical performance, as the result of processes of regeneration. People’s attitudes and habits are changing, paying closer attention to the utilization of resources. Physical and mental distances are changing, thanks to technologies that are increasingly in close tune with human beings.

Living better

Sustainability, awareness and the circular economy are now established concepts. Creativity develops in the transformation of methods and approaches to making, mixing different types of knowledge and different disciplines to achieve one goal: better living.