Besides the decisive impact on reduction of energy consumption, the technological revolution triggered by the use of LEDs has permitted designers and companies in the lighting sector to concentrate on unusual formal typologies, often in the area of minimalism bordering on camouflage.

A good example is the inseparable mixture of design and functional quality of Quadrat, the collection developed for Sidesign by Giuseppe Bavuso (also artistic director of the company), that includes a series of products capable of adapting to all uses: from wall lamps for interiors to signage lighting for stairs, all the way to outdoor models for direct and indirect lighting. Another family of fixtures with different application possibilities is Nanoled by Simes: a line of low-tension LED fixtures that can use dimmers, initially offered in a round version, now also available in a square version. Both typologies come in floor, built-in wall or downlight versions, for evocative lighting effects. A built-in wall or ceiling lamp with which to create intriguing luminous settings, Pepita, designed by Enzo Catellani for Catellani & Smith, is a metal cup clad inside with gold or silver color, while the LED support is in nickel-plated copper. Finally, the 2D Led Pendent looks like a sketch traced in the air. It was designed for Skitsch by Ding 3000: a light spiral whose effective three-dimensional consistency seems very elusive.