Morelato renews its cultural partnership with nhow Milano, where until 22 October 2016, at Via Tortona 35, signature works will be on display, created by the Verona-based company, inside the exhibition “a/maze – emotional mapping.”

Curated by Elizabeth Scantamburlo, the group show is the second event of the year where art and design come together to narrate the feeling of places, the magic of discovery, the maze in which to get lost and be surprised.

Morelato takes part in the exhibition with design works that in their structural simplicity manage to astonish, thanks to practical research on wood: the Bramante chair and the Aero table designed by Franco Poli, the Metamorfosi chair by Pietro Barcaccia, the Nikko chair by Andrea Branzi, the Kant bookcase by Itamar Harari, and the Swing credenza by the in-house MAAM research division of the company.

The exhibition “a/maze – emotional mapping,” installed in the public spaces of the hotel, includes contributions by many artists and designers, using different languages ​​and tools to express their personal “labyrinth concept.”