Galleria Fatto ad Arte continues its voyage in the territories of Italian arts and crafts with the exhibition Mosaico di Spilimbergo. Oggetti domestici per abitare con Arte.

A collection that dates back to 1996, composed of a series of ‘domestic objects’ designed by various authors and made by the most prestigious mosaic workshops of Spilimbergo.


Exceptional creations – including tables, consoles and mirrors, as well as vases and urns – designed by Paolo Coretti, Aldo Furlan, Elisabetta Gonzo, Ugo la Pietra, Ugo Marano, Andrea Pellicani, Alessandro Vicari, Nanda Vigo – made with the same spirit as in the past: to update forms and uses in a historical territory, responding to the needs of consumers with finely crafted objects, transforming an age-old tradition and making it enter the domestic landscape.