In the spaces of Galleria La Nuvola of Fabio Falsaperla and Nicoletta Maria Gargari (via Margutta 51/a; 62/a), an exhibition by Marcello Reboani, curated by Melissa Proietti. About 30 works, depicting the ‘must haves’ of style: garments, accessories, handbags, shoes. Reboani approaches sculpture in a provocative way, in works that might be better defined as assemblages or three-dimensional collages. Beneath the glossy, glamorous surface of the iconic objects, materialized in a Pop key, their material universe appears, rigorously made with recycled materials. Mixed media, layers, wooden planks mixed with aluminium, copper, steel, glass, lead. The show also includes an original selection of maps, planispheres, archipelagos, islands visited by the artist.