The Great Hall of the Trajan’s Markets – Museum of the Imperial Fora hosts the exhibition of the projects created at IED – the European Design Institute, the results of a project of research in the field of exhibition design launched in 2012 by the three-year program in Interior Design. 23 students have worked on an ambitious thesis project: the development of 8 proposals for an exhibition on Trajan, narrated through works from the Forum that bears his name. The projects have been coordinated by Laura Negrini, Gianfranco Bombaci, and Matteo Costanzo, in close collaboration with the museum, and its director Lucrezia Ungaro and curator Marina Milella. The installation of the show is by the architecture studio 2A+P/A. Narrating Trajan sets out to demonstrate that design and architecture of space can contribute to bring the present and history together, transforming an archaeological experience into a voyage in the present.