Kengo Kumais the winner of the architecture competition held by LTF-Lyon Turin Ferroviaire. The jury selected his project for the international rail station of Susa because it fully responds to the goals of the competition, namely to achieve the highest quality and the most harmonious insertion of the new infrastructure in the territory, to create a national and international transport hub. The station will be a “social condenser”, with a series of services for the city and the entire valley. A large open space will be created, well-connected to public transport, which can host urban events as well. Encouraging functions that lead to social contact, the use of the building during all the hours of the day and the weekend will be facilitated. The new station is seen as an opportunity to improve the landscape, creating a panoramic public space offering a view of the valley and its most interesting points. The new building will become a part of the landscape, while establishing a dialogue with its traditional architecture, combining station services and territorial services. Finally, it will rely on innovative technological solutions for sustainable, high-performance architecture.