Hyperfuse is a Nike technology created in 2010 by Shane Kohatsuand Ben Shafferfor basketball shoes. After having observed the extreme wear and tear to which shoes are subjected on blacktop courts in Beijing, the Nike team used this innovative technology to create a stable, sturdy basketball shoe that breathes: Nike Hyperfuse. Soon many other sports began to ask for the same lightness and ventilation as that model, and the name Hyperfuse was extended from a single shoe to an entire production method. Hyperfuse technology creates a very durable material composed of three layers: one to guarantee stability, one for ventilation, one for resistance to wear. The three layers are bonded together using heat and pressure, a method that permits a level of precision that would be impossible with traditional techniques of cutting and stitching. This internal structure makes the shoe light and minimizes stitching that can irritate the feet of athletes. The procedure also gives the shoe a new look, opening the upper layers and creating an effect of transparency. The production optimization and minimalist look ensured by use of Hyperfuse technology are also applied to the clothing collection, with the re-issue of the classic Windrunner jacket.