The Nilufar gallery arrives on the island of Lido di Venezia to set up the 1920s spaces of the Nicelli airport and to propose a ceramic exhibition in the former fuel station

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Biennale Arte 2022, the pioneering style of the gallery Nilufar by Nina Yashar lands on the renowned - cinema - island of Lido di Venezia to set up two exhibitions at the small and delightful Giovanni Nicelli private airport.

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If the arrivals/departures hall of the building 1920s is set up with historical pieces of design in dialogue with contemporary works by designers/artists of the avant-garde, and former petrol station of the airport, now Spazio Esso, hosts until 30 June 2022 the works by the potter Sin-ying Cassandra Ho.

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Airport and cultural center

A renovation project started in 2019, made the Giovanni Nicelli airport not only a strategic and exclusive place, but also a new cultural center aimed at promoting the  art in all its forms in the Lido of Venice. To realize this new vision, Stefano Rampinelli , marketing director and event manager, together with Laura Alfieri, responsible for the cultural and artistic direction, entrusted Nilufar Gallery the task of rethinking the airport arrivals/departures hall.

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The mix of historical and contemporary design

Nina Yashar, founder of the Nilufar gallery, curated an ad hoc installation to bring her pioneering taste to Venice: a balanced mix of historical and contemporary design which reflects the timeless character of artistic expression. Works by great masters such as Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Ignazio Moncada, BBPR, Pietro Consagra, Angelo Lelii and Joaquim Tenreiro, interact with contemporary artifacts by creatives such as Martino Gamper, Bethan Laura Wood and Analogia Project.

The ceramic works of Sin Ying Cassandra Ho

Nilufar also signs Constructed Realities: Life Beyond Borders , the first solo exhibition of Sin Ying Cassandra Ho in Europe, co-curated by Nina Yashar and ArtHub and set up at the Spazio Esso, the former fuel station of the airport.

The changeable but harmonic dimension

The multicultural background and at the same time the strong attachment to the Chinese identity inspire the artistic production of Sin Ying Cassandra Ho : the ceramic works combine the different influences in a harmonious and balanced narrative. The mix of digital and analogue techniques, together with the fragmentation of her work, generates a visual distortion that creates a changing dimension, characterized by a cubist influence.

Nina Yashar's itinerant and multicultural approach

I have always wanted to adopt a traveling approach, to bring works of art , each with its own story, into around the world” explains Nina Yashar. Doing it in Venice , especially in the setting of the Lido, is a real gift, an unprecedented opportunity. I have a strong bond with this enchanting city, so I am more than happy to curate a selection that reflects her multicultural character and to collaborate with my dear friend Laura Alfieri”.