A creative dialogue between Pierpaolo Piccioli and Nina Yashar for Milano Design Week: Valentino presents a selection of apparel and accessories, displayed together with objects from the Nilufar collection

Valentino Boutique,  via Montenapoleone 20 – Milan

From 17 to 22 April 2018 – 10.00-20.00

A conversation between fashion and design, the past and the contemporary world. Memory, not nostalgia: a dialogue that transforms tradition into a language with which to narrate the present.

For Design Week Valentino presents Nina Chez Valentino, a project in the form of a dialogue between the creations of the Valentino Fall 2018 collection and a selection of decor complements from the Nilufar gallery of Nina Yashar.



Inside the Valentino boutique in Milan, 5 rooms are set up as 5 dialogues to define a method: to investigate the identity of the past, the great aesthetic tradition of Valentino and the great masters of design, to create new, non-retro directions.

Instinct, first of all: beyond the historical caption, beyond references to authors, the creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and Nina Yashar have orchestrated an imaginary and personal exchange, combining forms, symbols and creative visions.

A game of correspondences and reflections on the value of fashion and design as vehicles to convey the meaning of the contemporary world.

The purpose is to stimulate emotion and to establish a method.

The emotion is that of discovery and rediscovery of the beauty of the tradition. The method speaks of the necessity, the urgency of reassessing the past without hesitations or nostalgia, but with the desire to achieve openness, pointing to new horizons.



I have worked with Nina because I like her erudite but always personal approach. Together we have investigated the value of the tradition of fashion and design in an ideal dialogue. The goal is always the same: to understand, to know and then to forget, to transform the legacy fo the masters into a contemporary language,” says Pierpaolo Piccioli.

I was very pleased to accept Pierpaolo’s invitation. Right from the first meeting, we had a great understanding: we had fun imagining ourselves in each other’s shoes, and we have done this project with great enthusiasm,Nina Yashar concludes.