Ri-formare Milano is an educational initiative promoted by the School of Architecture and Society of Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with the Department of Urban Planning, Private Building and Agriculture of the City of Milan, with the aim of involving students and teachers in the construction of project proposals for areas and buildings in a state of decay and abandon, selected from a map prepared by the administration.

Areas of public and private property, of different sizes and types, which are representative of phenomena of abandon or under-usage, with direct consequences on the spatial and social characteristics of their surroundings. The initiative is part of the School’s commitment to offer a place of design experimentation and development, in discussion with public agencies and civic society.

For the 2015 edition of Ri-formare Milano, urban contexts and areas were selected in the western sector of the city, on which students and faculty worked together. New Urban Landscapes is the exhibition presenting the best projects (about 50) selected and made during the courses and workshops, and 28 degree thesis projects developed in the masters program. Projects, models, drawings and photographs (by the photographer Giovanni Hänninen) will be on display until 28 January in the Spazio Mostre Guido Nardi of the Milan Polytechnic on Via Ampère.