The CSAC – Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione archive-museum of the University of Parma presents the exhibition Objets trouvés – Archivi per un grande magazzino: an itinerary through photography, graphics, architecture, design and fashion, in different sections of the Church and the Hall of Columns inside the Abbey of Valserena, during the 2017 program of Fotografia Europea entitled Maps of time. Memory, archives, future, on view in Reggio Emilia from 5 May to 9 July.


The ‘department store’ – and, in particular, a special client like La Rinascente – in its dual guise as large urban object and labyrinth of goods and desires, is approached by CSAC as a particularly apt field of investigation to represent an archive of images and projects of the 20th century.


Photography is seen in its specific characteristics, but also analyzed as one of the many components of the reconstruction of memory, through drafts, fashion catalogues, advertisements, definitive drawings, packaging, products: all objets trouvés that suggest, in fragments, countless potential narratives and micro-histories.