Artisti dalla Pittura Colta Omaggio a Italo Mussa is the title of the exhibition that opens in the new exhibition space of Castello di Belgioioso in Pavia. Curated by Giuliano Allegri and M.A.C.O’. (Modern Art Center of Oltrepo’ Pavese) of Casteggio, the show explores the relationship between the work of the critic who passed away in 1990 and that of four artists connected with him.

The artworks are by Alberto Abate, Carlo Bertocci, Ubaldo Bartolini, Lorenzo Bonechi, four of the artists who have approached, though with significant stylistic differences, the character of “Pittura Colta” as it was formulated by Italo Mussa.

The exhibition catalogue contains critical texts by Giovanna Giordano (including a precious essay about Mussa) as well as two interviews conducted by Fabrizio Guerrini, a journalist and art expert, with the artists Carlo Bertocci and Ubaldo Bartolini.