The reflecting sculptural installation presented by COS, created by the artist Phillip K. Smith III, at Palazzo Isimbardi during Milan Design Week

For the FuoriSalone 2018, the fashion brand COS, in collaboration with the American artist Phillip K. Smith III, created a spectacular site-specific work of architecture.

Open Sky was a large outdoor installation inspired by the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, the skies of Milan and the sober elegance of the brand’s apparel.

The work transformed the view in the courtyard of Palazzo Isimbardi into an earthbound ring of reflected sky.

Visitors could control the way the sky met the architecture by moving along the almost 14 meters of diameter of the surface.  An installation in a constant state of flux, subject to the changing colors of the environment, the daylight, the movement of visitors in the space.



In the courtyard of the English garden next to the building, give sculptures with reflecting surfaces, bent horizontally and vertically, used the plants and trees of the garden as visible material, together with the surrounding architecture and the sky.