A place dedicated to innovation and the valorization of research is born in Milan: the Bicocca Pavilion, a futuristic multifunctional space that will connect the excellence of the University of Milan-Bicocca with the business world

The University of Milan-Bicocca inaugurates the Bicocca Pavilion, an innovative multifunctional space to connect academic excellence, the business world and civil society.

The Bicocca Pavilion stands out for its ability to connect skills in the fields of social science and deep tech, thanks to the strategic support of Cariplo Factory.

This allows the development of "responsible innovation" projects, encouraging the birth of start-ups and new businesses through the venture building methodology.

This approach, which starts from a methodological analysis of the market, allows you to build solid business models and competent teams, increasing the chances of success compared to traditional processes.

A flexible and sustainable design

Designed by the Piuarch architecture studio, the Bicocca Pavilion occupies an area of ​​800 square metres strong>, developing on two levels. The first floor is dedicated to the development of business and innovation projects, hosting flexible offices, meeting rooms and common areas accessible through a membership. The ground floor, however, is a space open to the public intended for social impact initiatives, with a cafeteria, an arena for meetings, study and work spaces, and a cycle workshop.

The structure of the building, characterized by fluid lines and an almost circular shape, contrasts with the geometric lines of the surrounding buildings, creating an impression of movement. The façade, which alternates opaque aluminum elements and transparent glass, reflects the surrounding green context and allows natural light to enter without obstacles, promoting a continuous dialogue between inside and outside.

A hub for collaboration and growth

The Bicocca Pavilion hosts an auditorium, a gym and a bicycle storage room with modern end-of-trip facilities, encouraging the creation of an inclusive community made up of students, researchers, professionals and creatives.

The Pavilion's digital platform expands physical boundaries, sharing all the initiatives and projects developed with the ecosystem, involving an even wider pool of users.

An urban regeneration project

The Pavilion is located in the new green square of BiM, part of the large urban regeneration project promoted by Aermont Capital, Kervis SGR and MTDM . The project, signed by Piuarch and Antonio Perazzi, redevelops an area of ​​over 50,000 square metres, transforming the spaces into Class A and responding to the highest ESG and sustainability requirements.

A new model of innovation

As Giovanna Iannantuoni, rector of the University of Milan-Bicocca and president of MUSA, states, “The University of Milan-Bicocca has started a collaboration with BiM and Cariplo Factory to the design of the Bicocca Pavilion, a new space intended for the valorisation of one's research".

The Pavilion represents an important stage in the path of promoting academic entrepreneurship and collaboration with businesses, inserting itself into the MUSA Innovation Ecosystem and contributing to the development of an innovation model that can be reproduced at a national level.