STEP FuturAbility District has opened its doors in Milan, in Piazza Adriano Olivetti: a space where anyone can challenge themselves to test their attitude to the future

"It's not easy for anyone, but it's beautiful": these are the words with which Alberto Calcagno, ceo of Fastweb, welcomes journalists during the press presentation of STEP FuturAbility District referring to the future and the transformation underway.

Future and transformation are two words that today, perhaps, can arouse suspicion, because they are used too much in vain or, on the contrary, because their value is perceived. It is truly a great value what prompted Alberto Calcagno to venture on the path of STEP FuturAbility District, two years ago now, and led him to announce its opening to the public yesterday, May 31st.

It is, in fact, a transformation not so much technological, when it is cultural.

According to Calcagno, the digital transformation that we are all experiencing in Italy, more or less consciously, must be preceded by a cultural transformation. These are the numbers that suggest it (data from the Desi 2021 index): 60% of Italians, in fact, do not have basic digital skills and 78% do not reach advanced skills.

93% of the territory is served by broadband, but only 61% of the population has, so far, chose a broadband connection. This means that the underlying problem is not so much the infrastructures, but how much people know how to exploit them.

"In Italy it is as if we already had new and beautiful motorways, but still most of the people did not have the driving license to drive them" explains the CEO of Fastweb. STEP was born with the intention of trying to fill these gaps and, another interesting aspect, is aimed at everyone, without exception, let's say, in particular, to anyone who wants to get involved, without limits of age.

"STEP is a space of connection with the future - continues Alberto Calcagno - where the future intimately affects each of us and does not depend on the choices of others.

With this new inclusive place we want to raise awareness: the future is our right and we have the responsibility to make it concrete. We address everyone and, in everyone, we wish to ignite a spark of confidence in the future".

A commendable ambition, especially after two years during which the gaze to tomorrow has been greatly clouded.

Let's go into detail and, physically, into the building that houses STEP FuturAbility Distric t. We are in Milan, in Piazza Adriano Olivetti 1: here in 2019 the new headquarters of Fastweb was inaugurated which, shortly after, underwent a further renovation to adapt to the STEP project .

The entire ground floor, in fact, overlooking the beautiful pedestrian square, was redesigned by ACPV Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel to accommodate the public (also from a regulatory point of view) and set up by the studio Giò Forma, who was also commissioned the contemporary artwork that welcomes visitors outside.

And what happens in these new spaces? "Step is not a show - said Cristina Paciello, Head of Step - but the place where each of us can measure himself with his own attitude to the digital world".

STEP offers a personal and interactive experience during which visitors are guided on an engaging journey through dynamic installations, immersive spaces and multimedia walls, to discover themes related to the digital future.

FORWARD, virtual creature and voice guide, marks the ten stages of the itinerary, lasting about 45 minutes, where the guest, using his smartphone, is not a simple passive spectator, but an active explorer of a flow of information and stimulating contents thanks to the interaction in real time with the surrounding environment.

At the end of the visit, the STEP app is able to generate a mapping of the choices that guided the guest along his journey and to offer him his personal FuturAbility, or a personalized profile on one's attitude to the future and one's digital skills.

The profile of everyone, therefore, is associated with indications on any courses, workshops, laboratories to do to improve their skills. An experience useful for everyone, especially young people who have to decide what to do after their studies and, too often, are unaware of the enormous potential offered by digital professions.

This, therefore, is the first function of STEP, but not the only one, explains Cristina Paciello, who before immersing herself in this adventure was Director General of Worldwide Events of Dolce & amp; Gabbana.

"After two years of strong involvement in this project, my desire is to see this place come alive at all hours of the day and night. Each of the 10 installations present, in fact, has a double soul: from one part is the protagonist of the training circuit, on the other it offers contents and services to experience the place as a venue for events".

It is time to try your hand at your attitude towards the future, and to book online your route on

But not only that, on the site it is possible to find out about the activities proposed in the coming months: STEP FuturAbility District, in fact, open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:30 to 19:00, is a place in constant transformation, a new urban destination for social and cultural aggregation, with particular attention to the world of children, families and schools.