Relocated to Monte Rosa 91 by AXA IM Alts the work by MAD Architects already exhibited at the Interni Design Re-Evolution exhibition-event during Milan Design Week 2023

From the historical architecture of the courtyards of the University of Milan to the modern courtyard of Monte Rosa 91, a building designed and recovered by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop studio back in 2003: "Monte Rosa 91 is the regeneration of what was once the headquarters of Sole24 Ore, itself a regeneration of a pre-existing industrial settlement from the 1950s and 1960s. Nothing is destroyed, everything is regenerated. Even in architecture," emphasised Francesco Rovere, senior development manager of Axa Im Alts during the evening that inaugurated the relocation of the Momentum installation conceived by MAD Architects for the Interni Design Re-Evolution exhibition event at FuoriSalone 2023.

Crystallising the creative moment

"The cube is a geometric figure that encapsulates the concepts of perfection, creation and completion. And this is precisely what Momentum wants to convey, an inclined cube that crystallises the creative moment," explained Andrea D'Antrassi of MAD Architects. "It is a smaller cube (8 metres high by 6 metres wide) than the one in 2023, with clean forms like Piano's architecture. In the sunlight, Momentum's skin made of ETFE polymer (an acronym for Ethylene-Tetrafluoro-Ethylene, a thermoplastic polymer containing fluorine atoms, which, thanks to the high strength of their bond, create a transparent plastic material capable of withstanding high levels of thermal stress and chemical aggression) reflects its surroundings, becoming an evolving art form.

A dreamlike presence

Placed in the large courtyard of Monte Rosa 91, an urban campus (with gymnasium, restaurant, travel agency, etc.) that can be used by citizens like the adjacent Park of Light, embellished with works of art, Momentum is a dreamlike presence that rises from the ground, when evening falls and night arrives it becomes transparent and ethereal, and the interior lighting takes on a new character. The luminaires are located beneath the triangular base of the cube and are programmed to pulse at regular intervals. Beyond the visual power, Momentum incorporates new technologies such as augmented reality to offer a more immersive experience of the installation by scanning a QR code on Instagram.

Crossed visions

Momentum is an interweaving of nature, history and technology, "in a courtyard where cross visions on the idea of architecture coexist; from the past to the present, from the present towards a sustainable future in terms of energy balance and circularity," emphasised Gilda Bojardi, director of the Interni system. Sound is added to colour: it is in fact possible to live a sound experience created by Hidden Sounds, with technical support from Silentsystem, listening through headphones to the sampling of sounds emitted by the installation interacting with the environment. Hidden Sounds is an art/sound project curated by Alessio Mosti, sound artist and composer, Samantha Montesarchio, marketer and music producer, and Riccardo Tesio, co-founder and historic guitarist of the Italian alternative rock band Marlene Kuntz.

A sustainable and technological project

As one of the global leaders in alternative investments, Axa Im Alts, which oversaw the building's regeneration project, donates another work of art to the city, joining those already present within the architecture and in the park. Monte Rosa 91 is the first redeveloped building in Italy to be awarded the Platinum Wired Score certification, which testifies to the high technological level of connection of the spaces. The complex will also be certified LEED Core & Shell Platinum, for energy and climate efficiency, and LEED Ebom Gold, for the building's effectiveness in terms of operations.

Thanks to: Agrilat, Alpro, Amante 1530, Amaro Formidabile, Cantine Moroni Zucchi, No 3 Gin, Pallini.