In Manchester, one of the best-loved TV game shows inspires a physical location. The project by the Baranowitz + Kronenberg (B + K) studio wishes to celebrate the return to interaction and social life

The internationally renowned architecture firm Baranowitz + Kronenberg opened in February in Manchester the first entertainment venue inspired by the popular British TV show The Cube . 4000 square meters in which the spaces are delimited by geometric lights and psychedelic shapes, which surround the fun in all its forms: a declaration of return to interaction in which getting lost is immediate (and desired).

Live, in the city

The Cube Live is Manchester's first Urban Playground: the two floors dedicated to entertainment bring the famous TV show into real life. Between mini golf and technological games, the contamination between dimensions translates into experience.

Here, the visitor can become a participant and compete with exciting challenges, more or less difficult but always, typically, carried out in the iconic transparent box (The Cube, in fact).

The participants

Two areas completely unrelated to the TV program integrate the 'live' rendering of The Cube , as if to complete what is in effect an amusement park in the city: The Butcher, for food & beverage, and an intriguing mini-golf area.

The whole venue revolves around the main building, home to The Butcher , in fact, an iconic chain of medium-high-end burgers and therefore a place for refreshment between games . The entire island dedicated to the brand was also designed by the Baranowitz + Kronengerg studio, with a chromatic and stylistic choice that alternates red and black stripes, typical of the classic circus mood.

The mini golf, on the other hand, is an extension of the playful dimension and is characterized by a particular technological variation that takes shape in 29 'crazy' holes designed to challenge players.

Another world

Intriguing just to observe them, the interiors have been designed in such a way as to completely alienate the visitor, letting him experience a immersion total: the Baranowitz + Kronengerg studio collaborated with the design department of Mellor's Group, one of the most important groups specialized in the design and management of amusement parks.

For each area, each with a different character, a playful and stimulating palette was chosen. The common denominator is found in the desire to pay homage to the fleeting dimension of time and space, typical of the moment of the game.

To draw the visual attention, the dense metal mesh that runs along the entire perimeter of the spaces as if to unite the different areas and to delimit the playful world. Light is the protagonist: bold luminous shapes and colors contribute, indeed guide, the sense of adrenaline that characterizes the whole place.