At the Milan Triennale, the first complete retrospective on the work of Osvaldo Borsani, curated by Norman Foster and Tommaso Fantoni. While Villa Borsani in Varedo has been opened to the public

Milan Triennale

16 May – 16 September 2018

Triennale Design Museum and Archivio Osvaldo Borsani present the first complete retrospective on the work of Osvaldo Borsani (1911-1985), architect, artist, designer and entrepreneur.

With curating and exhibit design by Norman Foster and Tommaso Fantoni.

Osvaldo Borsani was one of the pioneers of the combination of craftsmanship and industry, aesthetics and engineering.

Through over 300 works – from one-offs to industrial products, archival documents, furnishings and original sketches – the exhibition narrates 50 years of his activity, from the modernization of period furnishings in the Atelier of Varedo to the creation of Tecno, the company founded by Osvaldo and Fulgenzio Borsani.

Borsani’s career came at a decisive moment in the history of Italian design, in which economic growth, technological progress and a flourishing scene for the arts converged.

The theme of collaboration was a crucial constant in Borsani’s life, starting from his days as a student at the Milan Polytechnic, all the way to the venture of Tecno.

From the 1930s on, Osvaldo Borsani worked with artist friends on the design of furnishings and interiors, including talents like Lucio Fontana, Roberto Crippa, Aligi Sassu, Fausto Melotti and Arnaldo Pomodoro.

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La press conference di presentazione della mostra: da sinistra, l'architetto Tommaso Fantoni nipote di Osvaldo Borsani, l'architetto Norman Foster, l'architetto Stefano Boeri presidente della Triennale di Milano, l'architetto Giampiero Bosoni, docente al Politecnico di Milano.
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Tommaso Fantoni e Norman Foster.
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Norman Foster.