Until 26 August, at the Biblioteca Statale Stelio Crise in Trieste, the exhibition “Paolo Caccia Dominioni. An artist on the front line,” is curated by the architect and art critic Marianna Accerboni. The important retrospective gathers over 600 pieces most of which are rare or have not been shown before, including projects, drawings, paintings, writings, documents and testimony on Paolo Caccia Dominioni (Nerviano,1896 – Rome 1992), architect, painter and draftsman, illustrator, writer (Premio Bancarella) and soldier, a personality of international stature.

From the Musei Provinciali and private collections, the works and materials on display retrace the main moments of his versatile activity, ideally placing them in the extreme Northeast of Italy, where the great architect fought during World War I and later lived for over 30 years, working for the most prestigious clients. In this sense, the exhibition is part of the events commemorating the Great War, and those on the figure of Caccia Dominioni.

To underline the relationship between the wartime imagery of one century ago, represented by Caccia Dominioni, and the contemporary imaginary, one section of the exhibition is devoted to images never previously shown made in 2014-15 by the photographer-artist Claudio Saccari, inspired by the places of the Great War on the front of the Isonzo (Soča) and the Karst region. Another exhibition, entitled 100 years later, will present works by young artists from Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia and across the borders (Austria, Slovenia) on the theme of the Great War.

Due to its international character, the exhibition will travel, with the support of the Belgian General Committee for the Commemoration of World War I, the Italian Cultural Institute of Brussels (3-16 November), at the headquarters of the FVG Region in Brussels (10 November – 3 December) and later in a Belgian museum.

For info and appointments: www.mostracacciadominioni.org tel. 39 0432 231584