The artistic gaze of the Bolognese photographer between nature, culture and humanity. Curated by Licia Mazzoni, until February 28 2022, MUG - Magazzini Generativi, Via Emilia Levante 9 / F, Bologna

The destination, the final destination does not exist without the path during which often the most stimulating and magical thing that can happen is getting lost: when you get lost, the projects give way to surprises and it is in that moment that the journey really begins. This applies to real and imaginary journeys, in which photography, thanks also to the transition from analogue to digital, still plays a leading role. Paolo Gotti's photography tells glimpses and corners of the planet far from us, visions of unspoiled nature or populated by humanity that is even more important to find in this difficult period, waiting to recover the freedom to move with serenity. Perhaps because the most beautiful journey is the one that still needs to be done.

With this in mind, MUG Magazzini Generativi (info: 051396901 / opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 19.30) has chosen to propose an excursus among the most significant shots that the Bolognese photographer has taken in almost 50 years of exploration for the world. The new Bologna hub, born in 2021 from the redevelopment of a former warehouse of over 1,700 square meters, has been converted into a smart working area for companies, third sector organizations, startups and talents. For her first exhibition event, curator Licia Mazzoni invited Paolo Gotti with the aim of "opening the windows to the world": the great photographic works of the artist present themselves as veritable openings on landscapes, architecture, cultures and different humanity.

The exhibition includes over 30 large photographic works, drawn from the repertoire of over 10 thousand images created by Gotti during his travels that have involved over 70 countries on five continents. International suggestions (natural, cultural, geographical) that follow the common thread of the great “visual atlas” that Gotti has been composing with his Nikon for decades.

The exhibition shows not only landscapes and faces of the people he has met from 1974 to today, but above all the gaze of the photographer is evident, never disenchanted but always curious and enthusiastic. In addition to the works to be exhibited on the wall, videos will be projected on the large screen installed in the central staircase that make up an even more complete and descriptive narration of the artist's work.