Paper Design is an in-depth analysis of the world of paper conducted by Comieco (the National Consortium of Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-base Packing) in collaboration with Lab MD (the research center of the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara), coordinated by Prof. Alfonso Acocella, to explore and document the state of the art and the metamorphosis of paper and cardboard in different contemporary application areas.

After the success at Cascina Cuccagna in Milan of the exhibition Paper food “Mise en place”, a selection of paper objects depicting food (gathered in the volume L’altra faccia del macero), the installation moves until 30 November to the Showroom Paper&People at Via Friuli 32 in Milan, the largest European display space specializing in fine papers, and a gathering place for graphics and design professionals.

Paper and cardboard have always been part of our lives, though we often use them without thinking about the fact that they do not exist in nature, but are the result of the ingenuity and ability of man, just like recycling.

Thanks to the development of separate refuse disposal, and thanks to Comieco, which has supported this development for 30 years, recycling of paper and cardboard represents one of the points of excellence of our country: every minute, in Italy, 10 tons of cellulose-base materials are recycled, returning to the production cycle and getting regenerated in multiple forms, first of all for the packing that protects and accompanies the products of Made in Italy in the world.