In the Milanese spaces of the Jumbo Group, the artefacts of JCP Universe interact with diferent art work until March 2022

In the spaces of the Jumbo Group showroom in Milan in via Hoepli 8, Parallel Lifeforms is staged, an eclectic and experimental exhibition that hybridizes art and design. Organized by the JCP Universe brand and curated by Alberto Zanchetta and Thanos Zakopoulos, it is open to the public until March 2022.

What is JCP Universe and what it offers

A hybrid, multiform and multidisciplinary brand, which has always been open to dialogue and contamination with the world of art, JCP Universe is the creator the exhibition Parallel Lifeforms offers a journey/immersion in a continuously expanding universe in which it’s possible to encounter works that could correspond to sentient forms, or at least forms endowed with a “thought” (therefore able to embody a vital idea, if not immortal); not another form of life, but a true life that has decided to exist in a eu-tòpos, a happy place, rather than in an ou-tòpos.

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Virtuous visual short circuits between art, design and parallel realities

Focused on the consanguinity between art and design, the exhibition establishes a dialectic/dual plan that allows the works to recognise each other.

Through visual and virtuous short circuits, exhibition curators Alberto Zanchetta and Thanos Zakopoulos have sought to establish a parallel and alternate (alternative) reality in which the pieces are called upon to proclaim their identity and authorship, establishing disciplinary skills and cultural affinities.

The contamination between works of art and artifacts

And this is how the art works by Gabriele Di Matteo, Paolo Grassino, Silvia Mariotti, Monica Mazzone, Stefan Milosavljievic, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Andrea Salvatori, Peter Senoner and Ludwig Wilding interact with the JCP Universe collection, which includes the artifacts by Samer Alameen, Livio Ballabio, Sam Baron, Matteo Cibic, Ctrlzak, Debonademeo, Gumdesign, Richard Hutten, Studio Lievito, POL and Nanda Vigo.

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Experiment and transform daily reality

Focusing on the shifting essence of nature, in a process that combines innovation and tradition, the JCP Universe constructs its own distinctive aesthetic to transform the reality that we experiment with in our daily lives.

Vehicles for our imagination

The symbolic pieces from this universe become vehicles for our imagination, driving us to interpret our lifestyle in a new way in this precise temporal-spatial moment, here on planet Earth.