Three days of meetings 'to understand what is happening, to us and to the world' confirm the Tuscan village as a place of experimentation - architectural, sustainable, cultural

What is happening to us and to the world?

To answer this question and look for a key to reading the facts that affect our daily lives every day, from 13 to 15 May 2022 writers and writers, scientists, politicians, journalists, journalists participate in Pensavo Peccioli, a festival born in 2019 to discuss the changes taking place in the context of a contained and concrete dimension, that of the Tuscan village which confirms itself as a place strongly projected towards the future, artistic, cultural and architectural, all ' teaches of sustainability.

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Guests and the new Rooftop Balcony

Pensavo Peccioli's program, curated by Luca Sofri and the organization of the Peccioli Foundation per, is dedicated to recounting and understanding the changes underway in the most diverse areas of current affairs and culture. The 2022 edition sees among the guests Michela Murgia, Paolo Virzì, Malika Ayane, Ilaria Capua, Giorgio Gori, Franco Pagetti, Nicola Savino, Maurizio de Giovanni, Marino Sinibaldi, Cecilia Sala, Chiara Valerio, Antonio Manzini, Luca De Gennaro, Giada Messetti, Giacomo Papi, Adriano Sofri, Andrea Pennacchi, Riccardo Burchielli, Antonio Franchini, Federica Salto, Michele Battini, Gigi Riva, Federico Ferrazza, Arianna Cavallo, Luca Sofri, Eva Giovannini, Marianna Aprile, Luigi Manconi, Mario Macchioni, Matteo Stefanelli, Simone Lenzi, Isaia Invernizzi, Alessandro Masala.

It also represents an opportunity to enrich the medieval village with new common spaces. On 14 May, coinciding with the Night of the Museums, the Balcony on the roofs will be open in the heart of the historic center.

The multipurpose spaces of Palazzo senza Tempo

Together with other spaces that will host the meetings - all free - in addition to the All wars exhibition. Photographs 1998-2019 by Franco Pagetti and at the creative writing laboratory What it means to tell held by Giacomo Papi, the festival will take place in particular in the multipurpose rooms of Palazzo senza Tempo, a redevelopment project signed by Mario Cucinella Architects, which stands out for its terrace overhanging the surrounding countryside covered with Panorama, the 100% eco-sustainable bamboo surface by Déco.

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The majestic suspended terrace

The renewed architectural volume, called Palazzo Timeless for its ability to stitch and make the historical memory interact with the present and the future, redefines spaces and creates new points of view thanks to clever plays of transparency. The undisputed protagonist, the majestic suspended terrace of 600 square meters dominates the spectacular rhythmic landscape of the Tuscan hills of the Era Valley, with an overhang of about 20 meters from the ground.

A sort of public square

From the desire to emphasize the harmony between nature, the medieval context and the new collective function of the place, the terrace becomes a public square, embellished by murals signed by Daniel Buren and designed to be fully lived. For its flooring, the Panorama di Déco covering was chosen, a collection of bamboo slats with a refined aesthetic and with notable technical advantages including lightness, flexibility, resistance and durability, as well as compactness, stability and the ability to effectively absorb vibrations and to withstand shocks and tractions.

An eco-sustainable solution

In line with the respect for the environment that characterizes the entire project, Panorama is an eco-sustainable solution with a minimal impact on deforestation. In fact, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, capable of totally regenerating itself in just 5 years.