From 14 September to 31 October 2022 Photofestival returns, the increasingly widespread annual review, which invites us to reflect on the importance of the photographic lens to observe the world, and ourselves, with different eyes

From 14 September to 31 October 2022 Photofestival is staged, the rich exhibition of author photography which reaches its seventeenth edition with the aim of supporting and spreading the great passion for images that has characterized the Milanese cultural panorama in recent years, expanding more and more on the territory.

The comparison between different languages

Under the artistic direction of Roberto Mutti , Photofestival 2022 is preparing to stage over 150 exhibitions - almost all of which can be visited for free - in art galleries, institutional and private spaces, historic buildings, museums, libraries, shops, with an exhibition itinerary that, as always, supports established authors and emerging talents and provides for the comparison between different languages, the promotion of the presence of women, the involvement of exhibition spaces, not only in the center but also in areas peripherals, to bring photography even where it usually does not arrive, in the sign of inclusiveness.

Spread across the territory

The main novelty of the 2022 edition is the increasing diffusion of Photofestival in the territory: if Milan and its metropolitan area remain the epicenter of the circuit, the festival expands into a growing number of Lombard (Bergamo, Brescia Monza, Lecco, Varese) and Italian ( Bologna, Venice) provinces thanks to the involvement of specialized photography shops.

The importance of images to observe the world and ourselves

Entitled Starting over from the images. Investigations on reality and inner gazes, the 2022 edition of the festival invites us to reflect on the importance of images to observe the world, and ourselves, with different eyes, recovering a normality never before appreciated.

Exhibitions and other initiatives

In addition to exhibitions such as On which shore happiness? Modernity and nostalgia in Asia by Tiziano Terzani , Architecture and photography by Graziano Villa and Un, due, tre, Milano! by Ermanno Albano, Maurizio Aloi, Claudio Manenti, workshops, meetings, presentations, portfolios and visits are also planned guided.

Author's cover

Nicolò Quirico signs the cover of the catalog of Photofestival 17TH with the work "The becoming of squares", photographic print on a collage of pages of period books. The founding elements of the work are two: the city, with its geometries and its architectural volumes, and the books, condensed of memories, experiences, knowledge of man.