Galleria Tulpenmanie presents Piano alto, vista Duomo. Due stagioni di torri milanesi, a photography exhibition by Matteo Cirenei and Maurizio Montagna, with the participation of Ugo La Pietra, Daniele Vitale and Aufo.


In the 1950s Milan was one of the centers of modern architecture, thanks to the works of great masters who updated or challenged rationalist tenets, interpreting the legacy of the avant-gardes in original ways.

The tower typology is emblematic in this sense, where the high points are the Pirelli building and Torre Velasca, emblems of two cultures, two spirits of the city.

The towers of this period were exceptions in a horizontal fabric, reflecting the idea of a city made of urban blocks.



Over the last ten years the Milan skyline has been changed thanks to new towers created by international architecture stars, also with foreign capital, mostly for banks and insurance companies.

Most of these new towers are more self-referential, indifferent to the consolidated city, which loses any role as a horizon of reference.


The exhibition compares these two periods, each of which is seen through the eyes of two photographers, Cirenei and Montagna, with two different approaches.


A triptych by Ugo La Pietra and two compositions by Daniele Vitale and Aufo complete the show.