On 23 May, Rimadesio, together with deepdesign, opens the doors of its flagship store in Milan at Palazzo Visconti di Modrone to host one of the musical events of the Piano City calendar: Marco Confalonieri and Yazan Greselin in a concert of duets, featuring famous American jazz classics reinterpreted on an unusual instrument, a decor pianoforte created by the architects Raffaella Mangiarotti and Matteo Bazzicalupo, founders of the studio [deepdesign], and produced by Rimadesio.

The project investigates the possible ways to maintain the magical identity of the grand piano, based on the coherent combination of sound and physical presence, with the increasingly small spaces of today’s homes: the solution is a pianoforte that is integrated with domestic furnishings.

An object with a dual soul, pianoforte and dining table, where the keyboard (Yamaha) vanishes perfectly under a large glossy white top that thanks to an electronic device becomes the loudspeaker. With the keyboard concealed, the table becomes a pure, rigorous design object.

Rimadesio has welcomed this challenge, producing a one-off created by deepdesign, and blurring the borderline between forms of art/culture and design.

The Piano City event at Rimadesio is open to the public and part of an intense calendar of Rimadesio happenings scheduled for Expo 2015, to bring the flagship store in Milan alive every week until the end of October.