An exhibition itinerary through photographs and illustrations to narrate over 140 years of Pirelli: from the factory to its people, from research and technology to the birth of products, the relationship with art and the most innovative forms of communication, the world of racing and the famous Pirelli Calendar.


As well as the presentation of the images, made for a future project, which Peter Lindbergh – photographer of the Pirelli Calendar 2017 – has shot inside Polo Industriale Pirelli at Settimo Torinese.


The show has 6 sections:


A P longer than 140 years retraces corporate history with images of factories and products: from the first plant on the outskirts of Milan to the first international expositions, the illustrated catalogues to the covers of the Pirelli magazine.

The factory of artists presents some of the many occasions in which painters and photographers applied their art to narrate the world of factories and production.

It runs smoothly documents the challenged faced by Pirelli since 1907 in the world of racing.

A muse between the wheels reconstructs the relationship between Pirelli and the world of art, dating back to the first ad campaigns by renowned illustrators.

In praise of beauty is a narrative of feminine icons, in the last section on the Pirelli Calendar 1964-2017.