Milano Arch Week – opening lecture by Ma Yansong Milan Polytechnic / Patio - Via Amperé 2, Milan Tuesday 21 May 2019 – 19.30/21.00

In the context of Milano Arch Week (21-26 May 2019), Interni meets up with an old friend, Ma Yansong, founder in 2004 of the Chinese studio MAD Architects and a leading figure of international contemporary design.

The architecture of Ma Yansong becomes an extension and at times a metaphor of the natural context in which it is inserted; it avoids the traditional approach to facades and roofs, becoming a single enveloping surface shaped like a sculpture.

A way of designing that has cultural roots in the Orient, with incursions into the field of product design that reflect the same forceful, versatile poetics.

Milano Arch Week explores the future of architecture and cities through a range of different voices: architects, planners, landscape designers, scientists, philosophers, artists and curators from around the world. It explores cities and architecture as a system of flows and networks; cities as integrated systems of artifice and nature; cities as places continuously shaped by a multiplicity of subjects, individuals, trajectories; cities as places of material and immaterial production; cities as places in which the human species has an opportunity to invert the disastrous effects of climate change, regenerating spaces and relationships.