The Museo della Ceramica di Mondovì and the Circolo Sociale di Lettura di Mondovì Piazza present the second edition of Polvere di Stelle, the biennial show curated by Chiara Bertola with Christiana Fissore, on the work of contemporary artists using ceramics.


The second edition features the exhibition At the Still Point of the Turning World, with works by Carla Accardi, Franco Vimercati, Ai Weiwei, and site-specific pieces by Elisabetta Di Maggio and Hilario Isola.

A group show of Italian and international artists who operate in the vast territory of ceramics, using different contemporary languages: photography, video, sound and, of course, ceramic materials.


The title – Stardust – alludes to the most basic materials of ceramics: clay, sand, quartz, pigments. Dust, fire and water, transformed by the vision of artists to take us closer to the stars.