From 15 to 19 November, the French fashion house's showroom hosts the artist's classic pop creativity, in collaboration with Deodato Arte

The classical pop inspiration of Daniele Fortuna and the art de vivre à la française of Roche Bobois come together to create Pop Classicism&Design, an exhibition in which the Milanese artist's sculptures, icons of Greco-Roman classicism combined with contemporary pop colours and traits, coexist with upholstered furniture and furnishing accessories that decorate the showroom of the French brand in via Cavallotti 14 in Milan (open 10 a.m. / 7 p.m.).

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Art and design: a possible dialogue?

Design is a dialogue between people and artefacts, between space and objects, between individuals and groups, between form and function, between different languages, cultures and disciplines, including art. Which has a complementary and at the same time conflicting relationship with design, at least in its creative processes and objectives: art is exploration, it has no objectives, it asks questions, it is an end in itself; design is observation, it has objectives, it provides answers, it is functional to a user. Daniele Fortuna's sculptures at the Roche Bobois showroom seek a balance between opposites: they are not only aesthetically beautiful, but express a profound meaning, visible in the thousands of facets of colour, espousing the art de vivre à la française that encompasses aestheticism, refinement, elegance, art, literature, taste, style.

Classicism and contemporaneity

The selection of works for the exhibition at the Roche Bobois store embraces some of the most important series created by the artist: Colormination, Heads Will Roll, Goldenmination. Classic and neoclassical forms to create something common to the culture of the Third Millennium, enhancing it by juxtaposing it with contemporary imagery. The intention is to create a meeting point between the past and the present: wood, the main element of the works, as a choice that ties in with the craftsmanship with which the artist works his sculptures, the malleability of the material, the sensation of warmth to the touch.

A culturally committed maison

The expressive language of Fortuna, whose stylistic signature is a combination of ancient sculptural imagery and pop aesthetics, is echoed in the DNA of Roche Bobois, a maison that has been culturally engaged on several occasions throughout its history in collaborations with the art world: most recently with Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, star of the 2023 edition of the Salone del Mobile with the Bombom collection presented in an outdoor version.

The French Art de Vivre

Fascinated by the premonitory and precious vision of the world that distinguishes creative people, Roche Bobois promotes its vision of the French Art de Vivre by participating in international cultural initiatives and supporting design-related events: art and culture projects focused on photography, classical music and contemporary art; customisation and adaptation of iconic brand products by international artists, whose works are exhibited in charity auctions or in art exhibitions at the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico, Belgium, the United States or at the prestigious contemporary art fair Art Basel.