Two years after its opening, Foqus – Fondazione Quartieri Spagnoli opens its doors to take stock of the progress of a major urban renewal project organized without public resources. Three days, until Saturday 17 December, including one day open to the public for dancing, lectures, exhibitions, music.


Besides illustrating the Quartieri Spagnoli project, the initiative:

– presents Argo, the new center of excellence to help disabled children and young adults and their families, thanks to a partnership with Ferrarelle and Fondazione con il Sud.

– illustrates the activities of the Academy of Fine Arts which has moved a number of courses into the spaces of the foundation.

– and unveils the sound sculpture Ho perso il conto, an original work by Mimmo Paladino donated to the foundation.


10,000 square meters, 136 new jobs, 22 companies, over 500 young people of the Fine Arts Academy, 350 children from kindergartens and elementary schools, startups, and 1000 visitors per day: these are the numbers of the Foqus project launched in 2013 by Rachele Furfaro and Renato Quaglia.