The Italian brand has opened a new space inside the prestigious Marina Bay Sands mall. Designed by Roberto Baciocchi, the space has two levels, for a total of about 650 sq meters of floorspace. The outer facades of both levels are enhanced by black Marquina marble, separated by steel sections that form a sober, regular geometric design. The entrances, shop windows and lightboxes inserted in this setting feature shiny steel frames and transparent glass. The first level, for the women’s collections, is furnished with niche cabinets and display cases, with smoked mirror backdrops or internal wax surfaces. The black marble staircase, inserted in a wax volume with smoked mirror inserts, leads to the second level, set aside for menswear; in this context, the features of Prada stores around the world come to the fore: walls in pastel green, floors with nutria-tone carpeting, display fixtures in shiny steel and rosewood.