I Saloni 2013 are ready to offer visitors an overview of new developments in the home and decor, lighting and office furnishings, with the biennial Euroluce and SaloneUfficio. As happens each year, there are also many initiatives connected with the world of design, art and culture, at the fair and around the city, for the vast Salone audience and the people of Milan. In Milan, the world in which we will live says the advertisement for this 52nd edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, with the Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo, the biennals Euroluce and SaloneUfficio, as well as the SaloneSatellite. Milan, a window on the world of design, is the city – more than any other – of creativity, quality and change. There will be over 2500 exhibitors, including the leading representatives of the sector, whose offerings for 2013 will fill the pavilions of the fair district at Rho. We will be seeing the return of come historic companies to the Salone del Mobile and to the SaloneUfficio, confirming the guiding role of the Milanese events for companies, based on originality, change and visibility. Euroluce, in a strategic position between the Porta Ovest and Porta Sud entrances, facing the SaloneUfficio, will occupy 38,000 m2, divided between the 4 pavilions 9-11 and 13-15. 12,500 m2 will be set aside for furniture and accessories for the workplace inside pavilions 22-24. The 16th edition of the SaloneSatellite, the event in pavilions 22-24 for designers under 35, is on the theme Design and crafts: together for industry, and as always will offer visibility to emerging young designers, and the possibility to create contacts with many of the exhibitor companies. Once again this year, the SaloneSatellite will include the competition that rewards the three best prototypes on display, connected to the categories of the biennial events of this edition, Euroluce and SaloneUfficio. The event for I Saloni 2013 is Project: office for living by Jean Nouvel, Pritzker Prize winner in 2008.  In an area of 1200 m2 in the pavilions of the SaloneUfficio, the French architect proposes different scenarios through which to develop the main themes of his vision of the workplace. Concepts of convivial living, pleasure, play, openness of offices both inside and outside, as opposed to closed spaces and repetition. The events of I Saloni are also increasingly virtual, and their presence is strong in social networks and online in general. Besides a blog, an official page on Facebook and on Twitter, a YouTube channel and a gallery at Flickr, this year the professional network already launched on Linkedin will be expanded, and a profile will also be opened on Pinterest, the social network for quality images. The official hashtags to follow the 2013 edition at Twitter are: @iSaloniofficial: #iSaloni | #Euroluce | #SaloneUfficio | #SaloneSatellite. Starting in March, it will also be possible to download the updated app for smartphones for Saloni 2013, a tool to make a visit to the fair more enjoyable and appealing for both exhibitors and visitors. I Saloni 2013 also has another major new development. Thanks to an agreement between Cosmit, Fiera Milano and ATM, the fairs will be the first such events to be able to offer visitors a complete public transport ticket, valid for transportation and for entrance to the fair. For 2013 Cosmit has also made other agreements to facilitate travel and lodgings for exhibitors, visitors and the press. During the week of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile entrance to the civic museums in Milan will be free of charge. This initiative is based on a project of utilization of the best resources of the city of Milan, organized by the Department of Culture, Fashion and Design and Cosmit, the company that organizes I Saloni. www.cosmit.it.